Ms xu的寄语

Dear students:
 Gradulation is hard. Not just for you but also your teacher. I whach your grow and leave :( like proud parents. There are some things i want you to think about as you move on:

  • Keep an open mind. As you get old your views will change.
  • Don't judge too quickly. For every person fights their own battles.
  • Keep the right friends. They influence you more than you realize.
  • Develop good habits. Bad habits stay a long time.
  • Creat goals for youself. Nothing is more attractive than ambition.
  • Stay in healthy shape. You only have one body. Treat it right.


  • 饮水思源 Call your mom often. She misses you a lot. I know you will do well in Senior high and life there after.
Best wishes
Ms xu


这篇文档是中学最后一堂英语课的时候,Ms xu发给我们的,只记得当时同学们都很沉默,不愿意相信即将分别的事实,正如在人生的路途上我们注定会和很多人告别。她是怎样的一个人呢,在我的记忆里,她是个大学本科毕业几年的胖胖的戴着眼镜的女生,她在讲台趴着休憩的时候我们觉得她很可爱,可是当她生气训斥我们的时候又觉得她很可怕。她却没有透露太多自己的私人生活,我们只知道她的丈夫是一名军人,而且是海军;因为是年轻教师的缘故,她很和我们很聊得来,善于倾听并提出建议;对待教学十分认真细腻,在课堂沉闷的时候也会主动提出话题激活氛围。后来她因为怀孕即将生产的时候只好与我们分别一段时间(怀孕期间也在为我们授课)。
 总之,Ms xu是我人生中遇到的最好的老师,我会永远记得。

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